What causes a house to sit on the market?

This is particularly noticeable if you haven't updated in a decade or more. Cara Ameer, associate agent at Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in Ponte Vedra, Florida. The entrance mirrors ran 20 feet from floor to ceiling and continued up the stairs to the second floor. Homebuyers stopped cold as soon as they entered.

It's not surprising that homebuyers want to look at homes outside of business hours, including evenings and weekends, because that's when it suits them. If you are interested in a home that has been on the market for a long time, don't discount it just because of the number of days on the market. Painting baseboards and moldings, touching up marks on walls, and replacing outdated lighting and switch plates can freshen up a home without breaking the bank. Agents agree that it's best if the landlord isn't present during screenings, so resist the urge to walk around the house.

Green points out that you can expect a home to stay on the market if its price is significantly higher than that of nearby competitors. Whatever the challenges, working with a top-tier real estate agent can help minimize the DOM and sell your home quickly. This average is one of the most crucial indicators to indicate how hot or cold the local housing market is. If the property is overpriced, in a less desirable location, or needs a lot of work, it can stay on the market longer.

Employing the right marketing strategies could mean the difference between having your house sell as quickly as you thought it would, or staying on the market for weeks and weeks. Here are seven more reasons that might be less obvious, but could nonetheless prevent your home from attracting offers. A home inspection generally involves an inspector coming to the home to look for and identify any problems in the physical condition of the home, both inside and out, and especially those that present a health and safety risk. A stubborn seller who is emotionally attached to the home may refuse to lower the sale price or negotiate in good faith when a buyer offers a low offer, causing the home to stagnate in the market.

If the average is lower than that particular home, simply research the house, as you would with any property. If the house cannot be easily seen, there will be many missed opportunities to have sold the house. You may need to rent a storage unit to store your things temporarily, but it's a good investment if your home sells faster. In short, buyers see the days on the market as a wild card to see if something is wrong with the home, either in terms of price or condition, and they can see a high number as a red flag.

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